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Infant and Toddler Program (1month-3 years)

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Our Newly licensed Infant and Toddler Program is plan according to the development of the children. Early childhood Educators with Specialized Infant and Toddler and also Special Needs Educator work together with parents to make sure that there is a consistency of care from home to daycare.

Daily activities is designed to help children develop there Social, Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Language skills. We Have music and movement which help to develop gross motor skills, Story time for children’s language development, Circle time that helps children to work in a group settings, Sensorial Activities that help children to discover things around them as well as math concept that teaches children to develop there cognitive skills.


Daily Program for Infant and Toddler

  • 5 Corners daycare Opens
  •  Creative Play
  •  Morning Snack
  •  Diaper Change
  •  Music and Movement
  •  Outdoor Play (Weather Permitting)
  •  Lunch
  •  Diaper Change
  •  Afternoon Nap
  •  Afternoon Snack
  •  Diaper Change
  •  Language Development
  •  Outdoor Play


Ratio in this program is 1 teacher for 4 children and we always have an extra teacher on site if we need assistance.


Multi-Age Care

The Multi age Program has well planned activities that have been thought thoroughly which includes, Free Play and Outdoor Activities. Our Licensed Early Childhood Educator works hand in hand with the Manager of Facility to help achieve goals necessary for your Children’s development.


Activities are developed for both ages to meet children’s needs. Daily Scheduled is just a framework to give children a consistent routine but it can be change anytime to meet the needs of certain age group.


Daily Program for Multi-Age Care

  •  Creative Play
  •  Morning Snack
  •  Circle Time
  •  Music and Movement
  •  Outdoor Play (Weather Permitting)
  •  Lunch
  •  Bathroom Routine
  •  Afternoon Nap
  •  Small Group Activities
  •  Bathroom Routine
  •  Visual Arts
  • Outdoor Play


 Full-time Daycare (Pre-School 3-5 Years Old)

 The full daycare program started more than a year ago; our well planned curriculum is in collaboration of our facility Manager and our Early Childhood Educators. We take in considerations what we see and observe from our children through daily observations.


Our age appropriate activities are developed to achieve certain goals to your children’s development. Daily schedule serves as framework to provide a sense of consistency and familiarity to the routine of your children. It can also change to provide flexibility to the younger age.



Daily Program for Full Daycare

  •  7:00 am Centre Opens
  •  Free Choice Play
  • Morning Snack
  • Circle Time
  • Artistic Exploration, Puzzle, Games
  • Outdoor Play (Weather Permitting)
  • Lunch
  • Book Time, Stories
  • Afternoon Nap
  • Small Group Activities
  • Visual Arts
  • Outdoor Play


Ratio in this age group is 1 Teacher for 8 Children.